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Magical Newton          14 April 2019          

One of the most prestigious scientific associations in the world is the Royal Society (The Royal Society of London for improving Natural Knowledge), founded in 1660. In those days science was very much an offshoot of experimental philosophy, and the RS was established to encourage physico-mathematical experimental learningBritannica.

Perhaps the most famous president of the RS, from 1703 to 1727, was Sir Isaac Newton whose works on white light, the laws of motion, gravity and calculus laid the groundwork for much of modern physics and mathematics. Newtonian Physics (or Mechanics) became the classical definition of a mechanical universe. A universe of certainty and predictability. A world view which underpinned the industrial revolution.

Given the mechanical world view associated with Newton, and the manner in which adherents of classical Newtonian Mechanics attack various reports of psychic phenomena, it is more than ironic to discover that classical science was almost a sideline for Newton. His real inte ... read more

Not the briar patch, Brer Trump!          

The news today about how the USS John McCain was rammed by an oil tanker East of Singapore, must have been a serious blow to the US Navy, following as it does the collision of the USS Fitzgerald with..... ... read more
A Serious Case of the DTs          

Since November last year, there has been a rapid onset of confusion within the US, among both pundits and public. Some hated war-monger Hillary, so they voted for Trump because he was not Hillary -..... ... read more
The American Yeltsin          

Boris Yeltsin was the first President of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union from 1991 to 1999. This was a tumultuous time for the Russian people. Yeltsin came to power on a nationalistic..... ... read more
Sunlight Through Troubled Times          

"The Troubles" of Northern Ireland really came to a head in 1969, when, as a result of escalating sectarian conflict, British troops were deployed to Belfast and (London)Derry to act as a buffer betw..... ... read more
Beyond Zealots and Cold-War Warriors          

World War III is on it's way - according to a recent poll of Western opinion. A cursory glance at recent headlines suggests it may be so. There are countless examples of hysterical outbursts against ..... ... read more
A Vandal at the Gates of Rome          

There is both a doubly delicious irony in the selection of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States and a certain historical resonance. Irony is to be found in Trump's appeal to the ..... ... read more
Are you conscious?          

Stop for a moment and become aware of yourself. Feel your body, if you are sitting, feel your bottom on your seat, perhaps your legs are crossed and becoming uncomfortable? Is your back straight - pe..... ... read more
Brave New World?          

I read the news today, oh boy! Microsoft plan to ‘solve’ cancer in the next ten years. Their biological computation unit thinks of treating cancer like a computer virus. Their aim is to ma..... ... read more
Stop, for a moment.          

A movement occurred. In nothing. The nothing that some would come to call the mind of God. What science would call a singularity, an un-manifest universe – without time or space. Before, it w..... ... read more
Rupert's Coup          

Well! That's that, then. All done and dusted. The Dirty Digger has got his way. Murdoch has never liked the European Union - he once said: "When I go to Downing Street, they do what I say. When I g..... ... read more
Between a Shill and a Hard Case          

The philosophy of the Nazi Party in Hitler's Germany was a combination of fascism and racism. Fascism has been defined as the merger of State and the Corporate sector. Fascism abhors democracy and re..... ... read more
Swimming in a sea of sugar          

This image is taken from today's Independent, which reports that obese men have just a 1 in 210 chance of achieving a healthy body-weight. For severely obese men, prospects are even worse, down to 1 ..... ... read more