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A ludicrous Conspiracy Theory   11 September 2011

Can you believe it? There is a theory going around, that a rag-tag, not very bright, bunch of alcohol-drinking, drug-taking, fanatical Muslims, based in caves, successfully penetrated the most secure, high surveillance, protected airspace in the world, not once, not twice but four times in one morning.

The conspiracy theorists putting this out expect us to believe the most outlandish story.

The Buildings.

  • Three towers in New York fell down when only two were hit by planes.
  • The 911 Commission Report states that the towers fell down because they were structurally weakened (although they had been designed to survive an airplane hit). Yet they all collapsed straight down through the path of greatest resistance - at almost free-fall speed, as if the lower floors were not there.
  • The steel framed buildings emitted black smoke, showing a lack of oxygen for the fires. People walked down past the floors with fires and reported that the fires were small. A senior fire officer in one of the towers reported only a couple of small fires making lots of smoke. Yet these small fires are supposed to have melted steel and caused a total, identical, simultaneous collapse of the massive central steel cores in each tower.
  • Never before, and never since, has a steel-framed building collapsed due to fire. But the official theory would have us believe that on 9/11 three steel-framed buildings collapsed as a result of fire. One of them (WTC 7) was not even hit by a plane.
  • As the open-plan office floors collapsed the draught they created cut up the external steel grids and blew multi-ton, 33 feet by 10 feet by 56 inch sections of 2 inch thick steel tube, hundreds of meters sideways.
  • The collapsing floors chopped up human bone into tiny segments and projected them onto buildings 400 feet away.
  • The hundreds of firemen, policemen, office workers, video and audio clips which all bore witness to explosions (bombs) in the buildings before and after the planes hit did not need to be included in the report.
  • The peer reviewed scientific analysis of the dust, carried out by eminent physicists, chemists and engineers, which identified the extensive presence of a military grade explosive called thermate, was not investigated.
  • The official explanation of the collapse of the towers contravenes established physical laws such as the conservation of energy.
  • A careful examination of the video footage of the towers shows that they exploded, they did not simply topple over after being weakened.

The Terrorists and the Planes

  • No evidence has been produced to show the named terrorists were on the planes on 9/11. (The video of Atta and al-Omari boarding a plane was from Portland, Maine, not Boston.)
  • Seven of the so-called suicide hi-jackers have subsequently proved to be alive and well, living in the Middle East. For instance on September 16th, Robert Fisk reported that al-Omari went to the Jeddah consulate to protest his innocence. Yet they are still named as guilty.
  • Despite each of the twin towers being described as a raging inferno, hot enough to melt steel (which was designed to resist 2000 degrees fahrenheit) the passport of one of the terrorists, al-Suqami, was miraculously found, undamaged, a few blocks from the North Tower.
  • Hani Hanjour was described as a poorly skilled pilot who could hardly fly a single-engined Cessna. Yet after a couple of hours practice on a Microsoft Flight Simulator he took control of a commercial jet liner (Boeing 757) and flew it into the Pentagon (flight 77).
  • Hanjour made the lumbering old 757 perform like a fighter attack aircraft. He carried out an extraordinary manoeuvre involving a high speed (above the maximum speed of a 757), high rate of descent (pulling lots of 'g'), 320 degree turn and hit a precise target despite serious ground effect problems.  This required great skill and much practice.
  • A 757 literally breaks up when its speed exceeds 360 knots at low altitudes. Flight 175 (South Tower) was officially traveling at 510 knots and Flight 77 at 460 knots.
  • The 38 meter wide and 13 meter high plane disappeared into a hole only 5 meters wide. The two massive, 4 ton, titanium steel engines made no impact on the wall of the pentagon. The wings, undercarriage, tail and engines all neatly folded up and disappeared into the 15 foot hole. No damage was done to the lawn, there was little external evidence that a plane had hit - no luggage, seats, tail fin etc.
  • Although the Pentagon is probably the most highly protected building in the world with extensive video surveillance, there is no video showing a plane hitting the building. Over fifty local cameras (hotels, petrol stations etc) had their camera footage confiscated by the FBI - within minutes.
  • The US Air Force provides 24 hour 365 day protection in the skies of America. Although the hi-jacks were known about for over 90 minutes, not a single plane was intercepted by the scrambled jets.There had been 67 similar and successful interceptions in the skies of America prior to September that year - one every few days is a regular occurrence.
  • At 08:52 two F15s (top speed 1875 + mph) are scrambled and airborne, but only cover 82 miles by 09:02 when the second tower is hit. They have averaged 440 mph, 23 % of top speed.
  • It had been known since 08:55 that flight 77 was hi-jacked and was heading toward the Pentagon and DC. Why did these two F15s not continue to guard the capitol - they could have been there in minutes?
  • NORAD waited until 09:24 to scramble F16s (top speed 1500 mph) from Langley, Virginia. Flight 77 hits the pentagon at 09:37 (some reports say it was hit between 09:40 and 09:43) - the F16s have covered 25 miles towards Washington (average speed 214 mph) by this time.
  • The Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, in the White House bunker from 09:00, reported, on tape and in testimony, that Vice-President Richard Cheney (also in the Bunker) maintained a 'stand-down' order during the attacks. The Commission did not investigate the 'stand-down' order.
  • At 08:55 a passenger on Flight 77, Barbara Olsen, wife of George Bush's Solicitor General, called him to say that they had been hijacked: that the passengers had been threatened with box-cutters and herded to the back of the plane. Moments later she called back and said the plane had been turned round. This is the only evidence for the 'box-cutter' story. It is false. In court in 2007, the FBI submitted evidence that no calls were connected from Flight 77.
  • The attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon were not a surprise. The USA had been warned about such an attack in 1996 and each year had carried out rehearsals involving terrorists flying planes into the Towers. They were carrying out just such a rehearsal on the day of the actual attack.
  • The terrorists were supposed to be fanatical Salafist jihadis - a very strict form of fundamental Islam. Yet they were frequently seen drinking, taking drugs and using prostitutes. They also shared accommodation with CIA handlers and during the weeks leading up to the attacks did a great deal to stand out and be memorable.
  • Three years after the USA had attacked Afghanistan because it harboured Osama Bin Laden, the FBI declared that it had no evidence connecting Osama with the 9/11 attacks.

.... there is much, much more.

There are witnesses, hard scientific evidence and massive circumstantial evidence that the official conspiracy theory is not only wrong, but a pack of lies.

Unfortunately few documentaries review either the scientific evidence or talk to the real witnesses. they prefer to focus upon the more bizarre theories (like 'space weapons') or speak to less credible 'truthers'.

One of the questions put to people who doubt the offical theory is "Well, explain how they did such and such, then". However, that is not necessary - the explanations will come after a real investigation. You do not have to know how a crime was committed in order to see that it was indeed committed.

For instance, it is well documented that during the weeks leading up to 9/11 a great deal of maintenance work was carried out on the Towers involving lots of new contractors and whole weekends when all of the security systems were shut down. All the sniffer dogs were removed just before 9/11. It might not be a co-incidence that the firm which had the security contract was directed by Marvin Bush, George W Bush's brother. These are amongst many facts not addressed in the Commissions report.

The events of 9/11 have changed all of our lives in one way or another, and not for the better. The lies have been used to justify our new warfare economies, the murder and persecution of millions of people and the oppressive austerity regimes now imposed on us.

Worse, they have ushered in a fascist, economic servitude, designed to keep us on our knees, unquestioning. It will not be long before rejection of the lies of 9/11 is raised to the level of holocaust denial, and becomes an arrestable offense.

The public have already been manipulated to believe that 'conspiracy theories' are crazy, despite the fact that the great majority of crimes involve some form of conspiracy. Using clever psychological techniques like nudging and framing, means you can get people to censor themselves.

Hitler knew that sometimes you have to tell people a big lie if you want to fool them.

The official story of what happened on 9/11 is a big lie.

Posted by Nicholas Moore    1:14:34 pm