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Jewish Group Accuses Israel of 'Genocide'

Holocaust survivors and their descendents have accused Israel of genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Fidelity to allow bitcoins in IRAs

Savers can now include Bitcoins in their IRAs - this is a significant move for Bitcoin.

Police Chief to be paid in Bitcoins

Further confirmation of the growth and utility of crypto-currencies

Hypocritical mourning for Mandela

Ironic to see all the Thatcher and Reagan adoring politicians mourning the death of Mandela.

Red Cross provide emergency food aid for UK

For the first time since WWII the UK is so poor that it's people will get help from the Red Cross

Congress backs terrorists in Syria ...

... then says we need NSA spying because there are terrorists in Syria. Duh!!

Recession hit Britons withdraw £23bn from savings

Squeezed by a drop of 13% in household income and real inflation rates of around 8%, the British are forced to withdraw their long term savings.

US Corporations to be granted 'Religious Freedom'?

Now that US Corporations are legal entities with constitutional rights of free speech, the next target is to give them freedom of religion, so that they can dictate to human females how they should live their lives.

The Accelerating Demise of our Oceans

Foreign Affairs report into the accelerating death of our oceans from fertilizers, pesticides, waste, industrial heavy metals and over-fishing.

Hidden metaphors get under our skin

Scientific American is starting to catch up with some of George Lakoff's work on Metaphor.

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Kevin   May 18, 2011

A strange aspect of our humanity is that we seem able to experience very different emotions at almost the same time. As I write this I am nearly overcome with the desolation of grief, and at the same time sublimely elevated in contemplation of love.

My dear friend, Kevin Kingsland died on May 11th, 2011.

Kevin and I first met in January 1972, when I asked him to become my yoga teacher, my guru. Inspired by him, my life changed dramatically, as I awoke to yoga, science and human communication.

During the following 39 years I experienced Kevin as teacher, guide, boss, employee, colleague and friend. We researched and shared interests in everything from technology to business to the nature of reality.

Kevin's commitment to lifelong learning drove him to try and understand whomsoever he was with. He constantly sought to know the source of knowledge - "how do we know that?". During communication, he endeavoured to discover the other person within himself, such that you always felt he was with you in your journey.

His creativity and genius meant that he was not always comfortable to be with. His counsel, offered with love, could help you move past a karmic block - but those karmic hooks can hurt as they come out!

Kevin's focus in life was psychology, which he championed as the fundamental science, vividly articulating how our understanding of physics and mathematics both emerge from our psychology as human beings.

He offered spectrum theory as a tool for human communication. For him it was about how we construct our experience of reality and as such underpinned all our endeavours. He developed a profound view of the whole person.

Kevin's used his seven level colour model to expand understanding of interpersonal communication and the nature of social organisation. From these flowed insight into how our mind emerges from a distinction and how its multilevel structure unfolds.

He used spectrum theory to illuminate ancient yoga practices, demonstrating how chakras are strange attractors which form a complex, self organising system. He was delighted when the new science of complexity emerged in the eighties and nineties - it validated much of what he had written in the seventies! No doubt Kevin was a reincarnation of Gorakshanath, the great polymath of the 11th century.

He saw that personal and social interactions lead to what we call business. He advocated the natural organisation as the creative alternative to corporate command and control structures - elucidating the real nature of value addition, wealth and happiness in the process.

Whether attending to people, organisations or business Kevin's genius impelled him to create and share tools, programmes and methodologies for understanding and development. Along the way he taught and wrote books, in addition to creating Centres for Human Communication and several businesses in Europe and America.

He never lost sight of the crisis through which humanity is traveling. Despite adversity in his life he viewed the world with love and compassion, demonstrating equanimity and happiness.

He recently wrote:

"My present great concern is with the key requirements for a peaceful, creative society, given the difficulty that most powerful people are psychopathic to some degree and impose their world-views on organisation structures and processes at all levels. We cannot expect democracy and freedom in society and between peoples if the reality they experience everyday are the artificial control systems that most people have to work in. The challenge is how to promote the natural organisation that is compatible with human development and freedom."

Throughout his life he exemplified that which he advocated. He leaves his beloved wife Venika and beloved son Kris. To each he was committed and loved dearly until the moment of his death and, no doubt, beyond.

Kevin was a Maha Yogi, a Prince of Light - although my world feels darker without him, in truth it is brighter for his being.

Posted by Nicholas Moore    1:47:23 PM
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           guest  commented...

Hi Nick, Thank you for your words on Kevin,as I was very moved too, to learn of his transition. His work and sharings have always been with me since our days at the Centre in Torquay,and I feel priveledged to have been there at that time and to know Kevin. OM SHANTI. Love Tim Hunt.

       Posted at 12:32:30 PM on 2011-05-20
                          nicholas  commented...

Thanks Tim, good to hear from you, please stay in touch.

       Posted at 11:09:25 AM on 2011-05-21
           guest  commented...

Dear Nick, An absolutely wonderful and touching tribute, Nick! For me, I feel truly, truly blessed to have had the opportunity to share part of Kevins life journey. Would you believe me, if I said that I am still expecting to hear his familiar voice or his warm laugh at the end of a Skype telephone call? To celebrate the great man himself; do please have a look at the following video clip: - The video clip is called:- Kinds of Self: Kevin Kingsland, filmed in 2010, at London Metropolitan University; thanks to Nigel Marlow. May Kevin and Nicks Centre of Excellence for personal and professional development, based in Limoge, France, become the global success, he had always hoped for. Kevin Kingsland, an extra-ordinary Prince of light; may his guiding light continue to shine in all our lives! All my love: - Venika, Kris, Nick & Pam. May his legacy continue to thrive in all of us. Love Lorna

       Posted at 2:54:36 PM on 2011-05-22