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Killer drones target the middle class   9 October 2010

Predatory god-fathers of the global mafiocracies fight for dominance in bitter turf wars. Their vicious battles go unreported by the ever-so reasonable, rational politicians, media commentators and assorted celebrities who claim to keep us 'informed'. These rapporteurs have bought into the Mafia world view - “me-too” they pray, as they kneel before their masters, held in submission by fear and greed.

Accelerating technologies and an unsustainable increase in population growth are matched by an alarming decrease in natural resources, rising pollution and dramatic climate change. This is the backdrop as we stand on the edge of an abyss, a massive power struggle sweeping across our world.

Behind the scenes dark forces are making decisions about our future and the kind of world we live in. Billionaire predators meet secretly to find solutions, rehearse scenarios. Choices have been made, priorities established, strategies agreed.

An alien agenda is pursued by a relatively small group of powerful people. They are a financial elite, standing outside of society. Their values and intentions are anti-humanity – alien by definition. They have become remote, partial people, emotionally crippled, unable to empathise or truly share. They are a group who, after centuries of dominance, must be held accountable for the state of our world. A group who have had it in their power to steer humanity towards nobility and grace, nourish human communication and development. A group who instead have turned ploughshares into guns at every opportunity.

Make no mistake, these people have wielded enormous power intentionally and across many generations. Think of their alien agenda as a campaign mounted through trans-national corporations. First introduce technology to capture knowledge, then the first wave of globalisation moves the routine jobs off-shore and the second wave moves the skilled jobs to excellence 'hot-spots'. These hot-spots are in low cost, under-developed environments, far away from health and safety concerns or minimum wage agreements. On-shore wages fall to off-shore levels as the developed economies become un-developed.

The link between corporate development and social development is cut. A modern financially profitable activity no longer needs to be supported by the establishment of freedom and democracy. Liberty means being free to exploit others in a post-democratic world.

It is necessary to look after the top talent – reinforce the growth of an elite strata by working with elite universities to create corporately oriented programmes. Education has no value in its own right, it is not about human development, it is about shaping people to take their place in the corporate world, in servitude of the elite.

More and more skilled work has become automated so that thinking is restricted to a smaller and smaller group within the corporation. You seduce the smart people and dumb-down the rest, by not giving them time or permission to think. Those seduced are blooded, corrupted by the rewards, addicted to the toys and the sense of being special that first-class living provides. Sowing the seeds of their own destruction, they develop the technologies which liberate the predators and their non-human, corporate servants from dependence upon human labour. Middle-class suicide.

Dark factories operate around the world using slaves and robots. There is no need for Corporate Social Responsibility – that nice idealised middle class view of corporate purpose is dead – killed by globalisation. These elite conspirators are not in business for the people. People are only useful as consumers. Human resources are consumed and cast to one side after use.

The predators are united by a mixture of contempt for and fear of the mass of humanity. Long-term command and control strategies are vital. They know that the human population must be reduced: uncontrolled growth risks destroying their planet, a planet over which they have fought long and hard – sustaining their blood feuds across decades.

The middle classes have been an important buffer, like NCOs in the military who interpret between the officers and the men. The officers fear and despise the men, while the men hate and distrust the officers. They both need the NCOs. Similarly the middle classes, while occasionally providing fresh blood to the in-bred elite, act on the predators' behalf to disable revolution. They talk about freedom and justice, but their vote has become a meaningless joke.

They look at the world through idealistic glasses and like to think the best of people. They find it almost impossible to believe that those in authority do not share the same sense of morality, do not feel bound by the same set of rational values as they do.

Indeed, they would rather not lift the veil. For knowledge would shake them out of their daily complacency, tip them into a chaotic, insecure, dangerous world. An uncomfortable world where 'the authorities' have no right to respect, and are non other than servants to ruthless robber barons. A world where their kind have bowed down in economic servitude, retreated into feudal serfdom.

But now the middle class have outlived their usefulness. People are becoming redundant. Governments fight wars with predator drones and Stuxnet viruses. The USA kills Pakistanis in Pakistan, without ever an American soldier needing to step across the border. Iranian nuclear facilities are attacked and incapacitated without ever an American (or Israeli) bomber needing to take off. They don't even need people to trade in the equity markets which are fraudulently dominated by high frequency trading.

Misdirection, the magicians favourite tool, is the name of the game. This week, while millionaires Osborne and Cameron publicly directed UK attention to the unemployed who receive state benefits, behind the scenes they were busy cutting a deal with Goldman Sachs.

The deal allowed Goldman to get round FSA rules and pay extra compensation to partners whose 2009 bonuses had been capped at a paltry one million pounds – each! Yes, that’s the same Goldman Sachs whose algorithmic trading was making them $100m profit a day recently. Let's be clear, these bankers are the people who directly caused the crisis. Their companies have been found guilty of fraud. They bragged in advance about what they would do and then did it. But our attention is directed elsewhere.

The predators have perfected the art of divide and conquer, currently illustrated in Britain. First they 'hit' the middle classes by removing child benefit from the 'better off' - ('better-off' is over £43,875?). Next they attack the working classes by reducing support for those with larger families (not so subtle population control). Squeaky little Osborne exhorts everyone to embrace austerity, because 'we are all in it together'!

We must all make sacrifices because the national piggy-bank is empty. But no-one asks where the money has gone – into bail-outs, bonuses and corporate profits. As the rich get richer the poor get poorer – because the rich get richer!

No, we are not all in it together. These predatory families are dedicated to keeping us in ignorance and poverty. They have funded and started wars in pursuit of their own greed. They have the blood on their hands of millions of ordinary people. People who did not know any better, many of whom thought they were dying for a noble cause, not to line some fat cat's pocket.

They are the worst kind of serial killers, guilty of war crimes against humanity. Their lives have become a twisted obscenity, devoid of normal human compassion, a denial of the good that makes us human. But they are also clever psychologists, masters of illusion, adept at turning the public attention away from themselves, at preying upon our weaknesses.

Thus we  turn on each other, but in our anger and our pain we do not see the puppet-masters behind the curtain. It is hard to look up when you are crawling around on all fours, when just rising onto your knees is progress, and getting through the day a relief.

But the internet has rent the curtain, allowing a shaft of light to penetrate the darkness. The corrupt practices of this criminal elite is now so clear, so easily verifiable, that their worm-tongue, misguided middle class supporters can no longer plead ignorance.

If the middle classes have ever stood for anything, now is the time to make a stand. They are now the target, they have become redundant. But there is a window of opportunity before the internet is shut down, during which they may do some homework, take off their blinkers and get up off their knees. Failure to do so will make them complicit - guilty by silence. Doing nothing is not an option.

The enormous inequality of wealth distribution is not an accident. The few who have the money  have taken it from the many who have the debt. All our hard work, effort and sacrifice have brought us to this.

The French get it right every time they sing La Marseillaise:

Aux armes, citoyens,

Formez vos bataillons,

Marchons, marchons !

Qu'un sang impur

Abreuve nos sillons !

Posted by Nicholas Moore    1:06:58 pm